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Executive Talent Management


IPS is undoubtedly the most strategic firm I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my twenty plus years of experience. IPS operates from a highly collaborative perspective, ensuring engagement from their clients. They presented great world class candidates during our CEO search. Our experience has proved that IPS executives have cross functional knowledge and are able to recruit and present superior talent. Their commitment to service, support and results make them an exceptional choice for leadership search in any capacity. Janelle Strohmeyer, Human Resources Director, Metrolink

Integrated People Solutions consistently delivers high quality. They have a passion for the work and are committed to providing top-notch service with integrity. Wendy Thomas, VP of Human Resources, Visa

Executive Talent Management (ETM): Understanding The Business Benefits

Effective talent management can help organizations outperform the competition—even when resources are tight. But many executives are lacking the skills and tools to attract, develop, and reward strong performers. Integrated People Solutions work closely withcompany leaders and senior human resources (HR) executives to align talent with business strategy and implement critical practices proven to drive organizational performance and long-term success.

Executive Talent Management is a process through which a company can effectively source, manage, and develop high quality internal and external candidates in executive positions to meet the leadership needs of the business. It integrates the organizational silos into an easy to understand strategic approach to harvesting leadership talent to achieve your business goals now andin the future.