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Vanessa Richardson

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Vanessa Richardson, has over seventeen years in both public K-12 and private post-secondary education with and expertise in STEM curriculum and instruction, special education and educational policy. Vanessa currently serves as the Compliance Officer for the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine where she has worked to support the students, faculty and staff since its inaugural opening in 2016.  She was part of the founding writing group that brought over 320,000 to Las Cruces Public Schools for educational pathway programs within the high schools.  Vanessa has extensive experience working with diverse low socio-economic student populations, yet has achieved some of the highest End-of-Course exam scores in the state with her students scoring within the 95th percentile for first attempt takers.  In addition, she was one of the first to develop and implement on-line courses for the New Mexico Virtual Learning Academy. 


Vanessa has a B.S. in Biology as well as a Master’s degree in Education – Curriculum and Instruction both from New Mexico State University. 

Vanessa is currently completing a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership at New Mexico State University.  She has served on the El Paso Hispano Chamber of Commerce Committee and is dedicated to improving the educational and professional opportunities of First Generation Hispanic students.  Her educational areas of emphasis include data analysis that leads to instructional and learning improvement, medical science education access to Hispanic females and institutional policy change. Throughout her career, Vanessa has served in the United States Peace Corps in Armenia as a Rural Health Educator, a secondary high school teacher at Riverside High School, one of the only high schools that sits on the Texas/Mexico border with a student demographic of 91% ‘students living in poverty’, and over 50% of the population identifying as undocumented.