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Contingency vs. Retained Search


The IPS team has successfully filled four key positions for me during my tenure as Vice President of Fleet for ServiceMaster. They do a masterful job of understanding and developing the requirements of the position, the urgency and sensitivity of the search, and then finding the best talent in the industry. Michael St. Clair, VP of Fleet Services, ServiceMaster

Integrated People Solutions consistently delivers high quality. They have a passion for the work and are committed to providing top-notch service with integrity. Wendy Thomas, VP of Human Resources, Visa

Integrated People Solutions is a retained executive search firm. We often get asked the difference between and retained and contingency search.


A contingency search firm is only paid when the client hires a candidate that the firm presents to them for a pre-specified position. Contingency firms therefore collect resumes from individuals who are seeking new employment and match them to jobs that their clients post. Contingency firms are used primarily and most effectively at the middle and lower management levels.


Integrated People Solutions is a retained search firm that works specifically for a client company. We seek out the perfect candidate for your open position – regardless of whether a candidate is actively seeking a new role. IPS identifies these candidates and matches them to your company needs via phone screening, interviewing, and in-person or live video conferencing. IPS then compiles a list (candidate slate) of the top 3-5 candidates and presents them to the client. IPS consults with the client providing objective advice and insight into which candidate suits their needs best.

You’ll know a successful search firm by their client company’s growth and success following the placement of a candidate. Integrated People Solutions prides itself in confidentiality, industry knowledge, and a commitment to finding the best match for your company’s executive search needs.